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Quack is a non-real-time, modular software synthesizer. It allows you to assemble sound generation and modification modules together to generate a wide variety of electronic sound effects and patches. The output is saved to WAV files.
Quack is modelled on an analog "patch board" synthesizer.
It provides a wide variety of audio components - such as oscillators, filters, modulators, envelope generators, noise sources - which can be connected together to produce complex sounds.
Quack can also read in existing WAV files (for example, sounds sampled using Sound Recorder), and incorporate them into sound effects.
* 19 modules including: Constant, Sine Wave, Square Wave, Sawtooth, Fourier Wave, Noise, WAV Sample, Mixer, Modulator, Merger, Music Modulator, Sequencer, Sweep, ADSR Envelope, Comb Filter, Moving Average Filter, Echo and Fuzz.
* Render to a WAV file of any sampling rate, 8 or 16-bits, stereo or mono.
* Save Patch Maps to proprietary .PM files.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 173.9 KB
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